Forensic Human Factors Consulting Services

Many injury incidents are caused by products or systems that have not been adequately designed for the people who use them. Others are caused by inattention or other behavior of the persons involved. We use results from existing scientific research and human factors analytical techniques to determine the relative contributions to the incident of the person, circumstances and environment in which the incident occurred. Past cases have involved personal injury incidents related to falls, warnings, workplace accidents and vehicle accidents.

Litigation Support &
Consulting Services include:

  • Consulting on human factors issues
  • Analyzing facts of the case from a scientific perspective
  • Reviewing existing scientific and technical research
  • Researching codes and standards
  • Providing assistance with interrogatories and questions for opposing experts
  • Conducting new research and investigations
  • Conducting on-site inspections
  • Evaluating deposition transcripts and other documents
  • Preparing declarations and reports
  • Providing expert opinions at deposition and trial