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HFE Consulting Services

HFE Consulting provides professional human factors engineering and ergonomics services:

• User Interface Analysis and Design.
Designing a successful software application or Web site requires a thorough understanding of the persons using the product, what they use it for, and the situations in which they use it. We employ human factors analyses and user-centered design techniques to help you understand user requirements and design products that are easy and satisfying to learn and use.

•  User Interface Testing and Evaluation.
People want usable software and Web sites--products that are easy to learn and use, and that enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of performing their tasks. We offer a variety of evaluation services to determine how well your product meets the needs of the people who use it.

•  Office Worksite Assessment.
Clients request assessments to identify and eliminate ergonomic risk factors, evaluate sources of employee discomfort with their work or workstation, integrate with their ergonomic and safety program, evaluate new workstations and equipment before purchasing, modify jobs to facilitate safe return to work, and increase job performance, productivity and satisfaction.

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•  Accident Analysis and Prevention.
Many accidents are caused by products or systems that have not been adequately designed for the people who use them. We use human factors analytical techniques to identify hazards and create action plans for reducing risks of injury and helping to increase workplace safety and productivity.

•  Litigation Support and Forensic Consulting Services.
Many injury incidents are caused by products or systems that have not been adequately designed for the people who use them. Others are caused by inattention or other behavior of the persons involved. We use results from existing scientific research and human factors analytical techniques to determine the relative contributions to the incident of the person, circumstances and environment in which the incident occurred. Past cases have involved personal injury and product failure incidents related to:
 Failure to warn
 Workplace accidents
 Vehicular accidents

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