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Office Worksite Assessment Services

• Clients request assessments to:
     Identify and eliminate ergonomic risk factors
     Evaluate sources of employee discomfort with their work or workstation
     Integrate with their ergonomic, health and safety program
     Evaluate new workstations and equipment before purchasing
     Modify jobs to facilitate safe return to work
     Increase job performance, productivity and satisfaction

• Office worksite assessment services:
     Conduct one-on-one or site-wide workstation and job assessments
     Evaluate / recommend workstations, chairs, and other equipment
     Identify and prioritize ergonomic risks
     Implement controls to reduce or eliminate ergonomic risk factors

• Related services:
     Conduct human factors / ergonomics studies
     Conduct seminars and workshops on ergonomics
     Provide ergonomics training to staff or trainers
     Integrate ergonomics in your health and safety program

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