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User Interface Testing and Evaluation Services

People want usable software and web sites--products that are easy to learn and use and that enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of performing their tasks. We offer a variety of evaluation services to determine how well your application meets the needs of the people who use it.

• Testing and evaluation services:
     Expert reviews
     Heuristic evaluations
     Standards and Compliance reviews
     Usability walk-throughs
     Usability tests
     Usability evaluations in the lab or the field
     Usability evaluations of paper prototypes through finished product
     Accessibility guidelines compliance
     Internationalization guidelines compliance
     More testing and evaluation services

• Related services:
     Focus groups
     User Interface and Web style guides
     Human factors / User interaction studies
    • Integrate usability engineering practices in the product development process
    • Seminars and workshops on usability engineering and user-centered design

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