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Workplace Accidents

Injuries in the workplace may occur because of one or more factors:

• Environmental factors may include:
     Poorly designed equipment, procedures, jobs, environment
     Instrument panel layout that results in performance errors
     Inadequate illumination to support work performance
     Absent or inadequate machine guarding
     Failure to warn of hazards

• Behavioral factors may include:
     Insufficient operation or safety training
     Failure to wear protective equipment
     Inattention to environmental conditions such as scaffolding
     Ingestion of medication, alcohol or drugs that affect perception or balance
     Operating or working at an unsafe speed

• What we do:
Our experience and knowledge of human factors engineering, as well as safety standards, enables us to analyze environmental and behavioral issues to render an expert opinion about the factors that contributed to a workplace injury.

• Example cases:
Cases have included incidents in commercial and industrial settings, involving issues like falls, safety practices, warnings, machine guards and instrument panel layouts.

! Ask for a copy of our paper: Slips, Trips and Falls

 Forensics human factors articles on falls and warnings from HFE Consulting.

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