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Vehicle accidents

Vehicular accidents may occur because of one or more factors:

• Environmental factors may include:
     Road conditions such as potholes or obstacles in roadway
     Obstructed vision of obstacles, pedestrians, bicyclists
     Weather conditions, including fog and rain
     Lighting conditions, including illumination, visibility, contrast, and glare
     Inadequate warnings of road conditions, such as construction or ice

• Behavioral factors may include:
     Failure to wear lenses to correct vision
     Ingestion of medication, alcohol or drugs that affect perception and action
     Driving experience and familiarity with roadway
     Distractions such as passengers, cell phone and navigation system
     Inattention to environmental conditions such as construction zones or rain

• What we do:
Our experience and knowledge of human information processing and human factors engineering enables us to analyze environmental and behavioral issues to render an expert opinion about the factors that contributed to an accident.

• Example cases:
Cases have included automobile, bicycle, construction, and theme park incidents involving issues such as operator behavior, visual perception, visual illusions, reaction time, and control and display layout.

 Forensics human factors articles on driver perception and behavior from HFE Consulting.

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