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User Interface Analysis and Design Services

Designing a successful software application or Web site requires a thorough understanding of the persons using the product, what they use it for, and the situations in which they use it. We employ human factors analytical techniques and user-centered design techniques to help you understand user requirements and to design your product to be easy, effective, and satisfying to learn and use. We work with your UI and graphics design staff or bring our own talented collaborators to create a final product that meets the goals of your customers and your business.

• We design:
    • Web sites
    • Web applications
    • Software applications

• Analysis and design services:
    • Review Web logs, Support calls
     User profiles
     Task analyses
     Contextual inquiries
     Focus groups, Surveys
     Interaction models
     Information architecture
     Low fidelity prototypes for evaluation and testing
     More analysis and design services

• Related services:
     User Interface and Web style guides
     Human factors / User interaction / Usability studies
     Expert usability reviews
     Heuristic evaluations
     Informal usability walkthroughs
     Formal usability tests
     Integrate usability engineering practices in your development process
     Seminars and workshops on usability engineering and user-centered design

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