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Accident Analysis and Prevention Services

Many accidents are caused by products or systems that have not been adequately designed for the people who use them. Others are caused by inattention or other behavior of the persons involved. Usually accidents have multiple causes. We use human factors analytical techniques to identify hazards and create action plans for reducing risks of injury and helping to increase workplace safety and productivity.

• Typical causes of accidents:
    • Design. Tools or equipment may malfunction or have poor design
    • Person. Operator may not have the appropriate knowledge, skills or abilities
    • System. Organization may fail to warn of hazards or may fail to correct known problems

• We offer the following accident analysis and prevention services:
Use human factors analytical techniques to identify design, personnel, system hazards
     Recommend solutions based on the identified design, personnel or system hazards and risks
     Provide proactive hazard analyses to help prevent accidents from occurring
     Help integrate ergonomics recommendations with your health and safety program

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